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Australian Domestic Wine Sales

Domestic Wine Sales

According to the ABS, the total domestic sales of wine - Australian domestic plus imported wines - decreased very slightly during 2012-2013 to 537.4 ML (see table). Domestic sales of Australian-produced wine decreased by about 1% to 453.1 ML.

The market share of domestic wines has reduced in comparison with that of imported wines which made substantial inroads in the Australian domestic market. Australian-produced wine accounted for 84.3% of total sales, while imports accounted for 15.7%. In 2006-07, Australian-produced wines comprised 92.9% of total domestic sales. Sales of Australian white wine declined by 2.6% while red wine sales rose 1.0%

Sales of domestic table wine sold in glass containers of less than two litres increased (+6.1%) and continued a trend which has seen this category increase every year since 2008 (see table). In 2012-13, 232.6 ML of table wine (60.4% of domestic sales) was sold in glass containers less than two litres, comprising 119.0 ML of red/rosť wine (+8.6%) and 113.6 ML of white wine (+3.5%). The amount of table wine sold in soft packs fell again to 119.6 ML (-17.4%). Soft pack sales comprise 31.1% of the total domestic sales. In 2000-01 soft packs accounted for 54.1% of sales.


According to the ABS, the volume of Australian wine imports increased by 2.2% in the past year to 84.3 ML while the value increased by 8.9% to A$576.7 million. Imports now account for 15.7% of domestic wine sales, up from 7.1% in 2006-07 (see table). Sparkling wine accounted for 12.3 ML or 14.6% of all imports and imported sparkling wine accounted for 25.5% of all sparkling wine consumed in Australia. The average price per litre of imported table wine rose by 6.6% from A$6.42 to $6.84.

New Zealand has consolidated at the top of the list in terms of imported wines coming into Australia (see table). Australia now imports 51.1 ML of New Zealand wine at a value of $302.2 million and an average price per litre of $5.92. New Zealand imports showed a decrease in volume by 6.5% but a increase in value growth of 1.0%. New Zealand wines represent nearly 61% of all wines imported into Australia by volume and 52% by value.

France maintained its second place listing this year and pipped Italy on volume and value with 14.0 ML at a value of $190.4 million and an average price per litre of $13.61. French wines hold 33% of the total value of imported wine sales in the Australian domestic market despite supplying only 17% by volume.